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MediaBaron is an innovative new way to manage a video library – the first internet enabled video management system that works on a streaming core platform rather than file systems. Now access your video library from anywhere via the internet in addition to local office access.

MediaBaron has been hailed as revolutionary by leading authorities in this space:
"Your vision for an internet enabled video management product is unique"
– founder of leading digital asset management company
"The User-Interface of MediaBaron is so simple and effective. It is way better than what we have on our own product"
– senior manager of leading video product company
MediaBaron can be used in a variety of scenarios:

1. Video library system supporting tapeless production workflows

MediaBaron provides powerful scene-based-metadata and hyper-video tagging capabilities. It offers enterprise grade back-end to support thousands of hours of video content; clip-based search and selection; video cuts and joins; on-demand transcoding and delivery to NLEs. This makes it a highly functional tool in a video production environment. Users can save time and efforts on production logistics, giving you more time to focus on the creative process.

2. Video content management system for web publishing

MediaBaron has integrated web-publishing capabilities. Just select the clips and mark them for web-publishing. MediaBaron will perform all the actions necessary to publish the clips to the portal – cut the video at the scenes, trans-code to the desired format, ftp to server, sync the online CMS and tack the status in the local library.

3. Video digitization and tagging tool

As the demand for video content on internet grows, content owners are looking to digitize their legacy content and make it available to video publishers and distributors on internet. MediaBaron is a strong tool to manage the tape capture, digitization and scene-based-metadata creation for large volume video libraries.


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