Movico Technologies Presents India's first web-portal dedicated to stock video footage


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MovicoStockFootage is India’s first web-portal dedicated to stock video footage designed to let global producers and distributors discover Indian content, preview it and trade via online ecommerce engine.

Our goal is to bring together the best of cultural stock footage from India and the South Asian region and offer the same to global producers, broadcasters, advertisers and corporate and end-users via a simple to use web-based interface. This part of the world has some of the most picturesque locales covering nature, neighborhoods, people, culture, lifestyles and industry. We bring to you some of the most exclusive and rare footage produced by leading videographers of the region as Royalty Free footage for your use.

MovicoStockFootage aggregates valuable video footage from the past archives and present content that you can incorporate into your ongoing projects with ease. We are starting with a library of nearly 3,000 video clips and the size of the library will increase with each month and we hope to grow into South Asia’s largest collection of stock video footage.

MovicoStockFootage is a simple online video application that is user friendly; search-friendly and video-friendly. We have optimized search and keywords to help you find what you need, quickly and efficiently. We have optimized video player to avoid buffering and provide smooth video playback even at low internet bandwidth.


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