Movico Co-founder, Arvind at NAB panel

Offshore video meta-tagging is here
Video content needs to become discoverable for digital consumption to take off. This requires deep metadata tagging for search. The costs involved in cataloging, key-wording and metadata addition can be significantly reduced by using off-shore resources working over-the-wire.

Speaking at the India Panel discussion at the NAB show at Las Vegas, USA, Mr. Arvind Jha, Director & Co-Founder of Movico Technologies, indicated that a growing number of content owners are looking to move into digital libraries, searchable catalogs and a transaction video sharing model. He added that Movico’s MediaBaron was one of the first video management products designed with a web-based architecture in mind. “MediaBaron is already being used to test remote cataloging and metadata creation for some of our early customers. If our experiments are successful, I believe we can build a large KPO business serving international customers”, he said.

The other speakers at the panel included the Secretary Information & Broadcasting, Mrs. Sushma Singh who enumerated the policy initiatives towards the changing broadcasting and media space in India. She also confirmed that India would switch to total digital TV by 2017.

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