Production Houses Hawk

This could well turn the revenue taps for the country's production houses. Online hawking of their video footage libraries, that is.

In what could mark the beginning of a trend, a Delhi-based video software start-up Movico Technologies has tied up with production house Moving Picture Company to digitise the latter's entire video footage library and sell these through its website.

Moving Picture has 12,000 hours of analogue footage of travel destinations, exotic locations, major political events and profiles of Bollywood stars in its library.

Movico, a privately funded company, has invested more than $1 million in creating a back-end for multi-purpose video production, storage and broadcast management system. The company will be responsible for digitisation, classification and repurposing of footages from Moving Picture's library.

This will allow the production company to access the images for its own use and also make available select footages for sale on Movico's soon-to-be-launched video aggregation website.

V N Saroja, director and co-founder, Movico Technologies, said, "Indian content, especially of travel destinations, is in great demand globally, but there is hardly any digital footage available online. Now, if someone is searching for footages from say, Goa, they can buy short clips (of 40 secs-2 mins) from our website."

Saroja, who is also co-founder of the leading jobsite, said, "Those with a vast library of archival footages are actually sitting on a virtual goldmine."

Ramesh Sharma, chairman and MD, Moving Picture Company, said, "We have always believed our library has a great value waiting to be unlocked and this partnership will allow us to tap both the Indian and global market".